The reasons for the popularity of NC servo feeders are nothing less than four major aspects: high accuracy, large step sizes, easy operation and adjustment, and low failure rates.

During the operation of the NC servo feeder, when the feeding time is reached, the press feeds the feeder with a signal, the PLC controls the servo motor, the servo motor drives the lower drum to rotate through the timing belt pulley, and the lower drum passes the upper gear drum to complete the feeder. Stepping feeding; when the relaxation time is reached, the punching machine will give the feeder a relaxation signal, relax the cylinder to lift the upper roller, and make the upper roller out of the material to achieve complete relaxation. HENLI CNC system adopts the highest standard in the industry, Mitsubishi PLC with Yaskawa The servo motor is optimized for electronic control. These specific conditions ensure stable feeding and high product quality for different materials.

Large feeding step and multi-stage feeding are another advantage of the NC servo feeder. The NC servo feeding step can reach 0-10 meters. Because any other feeding machine can’t compare with it, and it has multi-stage feeding function at the same time. The function of feeding can continue to use the original feeder when changing different molds and different stamping processes. Simply adjusting the feeding height of HENLI NC servo feeder can fundamentally satisfy the customers’ diverse requirements.

Easy operation and adjustment is the most obvious advantage of the NC servo feeder. It adopts touch screen point control type operation, the step distance, feeding speed, and the number of segments can be easily and quickly set on the touch screen, and is equipped with a handle to facilitate the trial mode of the jog operation. Convenience.

The low failure rate and easy maintenance are the other key points for customers to select HENLI NC servo feeder. The rollers are made of imported bearing steel, hard chrome-plated and then finely ground, with high hardness, excellent wear resistance and long service life. , The main electrical components and buttons are all imported from Japan to ensure long-term use without faults; when used, the servo motor has automatic fault prompts to solve the problem, so that the customer’s fault can be resolved for the first time, to ensure that the customer’s effective work time.