Purchase process: Foxconn procurement found our company on the Internet. The procurement clearly stated that it hoped to achieve the purpose of fully automated production. In the past, the structure of the material decoiler+straightener+nc feeder was used. It is very inconvenient to spend too much time, especially now that more and more materials are used in the thin middle plate.

Problem solving: The selection of Henli 3 in 1 coil feed line not only helps customers solve the problem of long time-consuming for loading, feeding and debugging, but also avoids the problem of wasting a lot of manpower, material resources and effective working time. Moreover, the uncoiling, leveling, and feeding are completely synchronized, which fundamentally ensures the leveling and feeding accuracy, and improves the accuracy, quality and production efficiency of products. It fundamentally reduces the operation and maintenance costs of the entire production line and ensures the safety of stamping production.