Hello everyone, my name is Monkey Ho, I recommend the thick plate 2 in 1 leveling machine to you this week, here is a customer from South America, customer received our 2 in 1 leveler machine in March. Today I received feedback again from the customer. Thick plate 2 In 1 leveling machine advantage

  • Easy to maintain, can be opened on the leveling roller structure, 45 degrees oblique upward open.The roller can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly to facilitate mechanical spot check and ensure leveling
  • 2 In 1 leveling roller adopts original three-stage structure. Compared with traditional single-stage and double-stage material which can only be bent downward, three-stage materials can be bent upward or downward.
  • 2 in 1 leveling machine equipped with material arc control roller, humanized operation can be arbitrary setting of material arc radian, the coil can be modified into the initial material radian straight, up or down to cooperate with the die stamping.
  • The original drawing adjustment mode is adopted to replace the traditional dial gauge adjustment mode without additional correction. The debugging is more convenient and accurate, and the service life is longer.
  • Operation process of frequency conversion speed, the material is not easy to deformation of jitter, ensure that the needs of the high precision leveling, leveling roller bearing steel, after heat treatment HRC60 °, hard chrome plated surface after grinding, high hardness, good wear resistance, long service life.
  • The machines above 300mm are equipped with reinforcing device to prevent the leveling roller from bending due to excessive pressure, strengthen the leveling strength and service life of the whole roller, and improve the flatness of the plate surface.

Epoxy resin plate leveling machine its structure design is clever. The metal coil car, uncoiling  and leveling device through a body structure is formed on the same chassis, can save a great deal of cover an area of space, the effective guarantee of material not running deviation can smoothly enter the leveling mechanism, and the discharge fast out of material, to improve the work of feeding process precision and efficiency, to ensure the stamping processing quality. The overall structure of the thick plate leveling machine is compact and concise, which reduces the occupation of space, and is easy to operate and safe.

Below is the 2 In 1 leveler machine video,for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3czFYdroTI&list=PLt9dy5SpYmQpb92f_DCcE7op_X419LeEL