Hi, dear friend, it is long time i didn’t write the news. There are so many types of feeder in the pressing market now, the clip feeder is increasing using rate recently. The outstanding point is saving factory cost, increasing the working effective and production quality. Here is the working principle of the clip feeder, hope will be helpful for yours. Clip feeder working principle and step

Working principle

More and more people is join into press industry, which pressing market’s competition is increasing now. The enterprise need to stand out the advantage from different factory and trading company, must upgrade their own technology. Increase speed to be the first importance factor, therefore, the high speed pressing machine and feeder comes out and to be the popular choose in this pressing industry. The high speed feeder machine can be reach 1200 times/min, in this condition, the general NC or CNC feeder totally can not satisfy it.
Clip feeder machine device is creative for high speed pressing requirement, which connect the structure of feeding and mechanical pressing technology, speed reach 1200 times/min, fully realized as the same step feeding with the pressing machine.

High-Speed Gripper Feeder Machine

Gripper feeder machine is mainly used on high speed punching, Max. speed can reach 1200 SPM

Working step

When the machine is operating, clip feeder fix with L type support frame by fix board at the side of the pressing plank. At the same time, the hold feeder connect with the punch-output shaft by timing belt, which is for mechanical function, then the material will thought the holder from left to right, and suitable adjust the tension of belt.

The output crank need to at the same operation with pressing output crank, keep it in the same size, then use the faster table setting the feeding length. It is can be setting feeding thickness by the dial in the frame, then open the clip feeder.

When the material reach the up-mould, the feeding line is in the out-standing wheel. At this moment, the out-standing wheel rotating, and fix material. Pressing machine will press the material, until wheel rotate on the top of diameter. When the out-standing wheel is keeping rotate to 180°, the material will be stuck in the chuck as the next position.

At this moment, the up-mould drop out, the outstanding wheel is keeping rotate then the drive clip moving. When the material move to next position, the mold of pressing machine will press to finish a working cycle, which can realize auto high feeding of pressing material.