Project plan description:

Machine:NC Zigzag Feeder and Two-Axis Robot Arm

The stamping automation production line of insulation cup liner, which direction is from left to right, and the coil material will enter NC Zigzag feeder after straightener. The NC Zigzag Feeder is install on the front of the pressing machine, the first mold is loading material mold, the disc loading to the bottle of the concave mold then will be push in the first cache station by Two-Axis Robot Arm. Secondly, the material will transfer progressively to the follow station by Two-Axis Robot Arm. After finish productions, which will be grab to the end of the production line (After-production delivery machine), then the delivery machine will transfer the production to production line from the right window in the pressing machine, you can see the high production efficiency, low failure rate and save the labor cost from this prefer production line.

Tow-Axis system is mainly composed of main engine, auxiliary machine, crossbar, fixtures and electrical controls. The system is using the High-precision AC Servo and moving controlling system, high-rigidity mechanical structure, which can precisely operate follow the crank angel of the press, and moving in the different station. The equipment is safe, reliable and efficient, which can save the energy and labor cost. It is widely used in the industries of electronics, home application and car.

NC Zigzag Feeder and the Two-Axis robot arm is manufactured by a same company, the whole set of the automation system is our own technology, develop, product independently, the controlling system can be seamless connection, stable control and avoid the incompatibility of different brand (Every company have their own designing system), which reduce the maintenance cost.