1)     Production model: Zigzag feeding machine NCF-1300

  • Material width: 0.1-1300mm (Can be adjusted by customer requirement)
  • Material thickness: 0.1-3.2mm(Can be adjusted by customer requirement)

2)     Production feature:

The zigzag feeder forward to a suitable distance and move to the appropriate distance along the vertical direction at the same time, which can reduce the space between the first stamping disc and the second one. It is can reduce the corner scrap and increase the material using rate.

3)     Left-right Zigzag feeding production line usage:

Suitable in pressing industry like Kitchenware, fire bottles, gas storage tanks, washing machines, clutches, auto parts, home appliance parts, knives, water heater liners, pump impellers, stainless steel plates, motor punching, kitchen and small appliances, lighting products.

4)     The characteristic of Zigzag feeding machine:

  1. Zigzag NC feeder have double servo motor, one is responsible for feeding and other is for zigzag.
  2. PLC operation panel be dependently install in electric box, which is for avoid the effective for feeding accuracy by stamping shock, make sure the high accuracy.
  3. The production’s configure setting function, which can simply realize the setting product, cooperation easy and convince.
  4. Feeding speed can be adjusted freely by touch screen.
  5. There are memory function in the Zigzag NC feeder machine, when the feeder’s power off suddenly or other spacial condition interrupt the production, just need press button of re-start the machine then continue the manufacture. It is not need wast the time to setting data again.
  6. The zigzag feeder with automatic diagnosis system, when the operation in the mistaken, the system will diagnosis and show the mistaken information details.
  7. There are two type feeding method, including the inching and continue feeding. The X and Y axis can combine to operation in two axes and exchange feeding, or X axis work independently, which save the material in a great extent.
  8. The inner part of spare part software function to protect over-loading, and most reduce the production mistaken.
  9. Full automatically control, save work cost. This Zigzag feeding production line just need one operator to input material width, diameter of the blank and feeding step, then the control will automatically calculate the moving and feeding distance. It is not need to adjustable any machine structure, and realize the automatic operation.