The feeding steps of the coil feed line are as follows:

1. Open the leveling roller and raise the folding arm.

2. Adjust the spacing of the inlet guide rollers, the spacing should be wider than the width of the passing material.

3. After the adjustment is complete, press down on the leveling roller.

4. Switch the spindle running mode from manual running mode to automatic running mode.

5. Press down the leveling roller to an appropriate position, and adjust the distance between the guide rollers for the width of the entrance again, so that the width exactly matches the width of the material.

6. Put down the material support arm of the uncoiler, and press the forward rotation button of the main shaft to form a material ring.

7. Adjust the leveling amount of the coil feed line and adjust the handwheel to the appropriate position.

The above are the seven major steps of feeding the coil feed line. At the same time, the three-in-one feeder can be equipped with a feeding trolley to assist in feeding. The main function is to move the material safely and stably to the expansion and contraction structure of the main shaft of the uncoiler, which is used to hold up the material during uncoiler, so that the material belt can enter the leveler smoothly, and provide help for the feeding of the coil feed line.