Many stamping customers start from the air feeder to know the automation equipment, the air feeder is a reliable quality feeder. Although it also realizes the automatic stepping feeding function of the metal sheet, it has a significant disadvantage that the accumulated error cannot be eliminated after feeding,

And the machine must be shut down and positioned after feeding for a period of time.

In the case of accumulated errors, not only the products punched by the stamping production line have bad situations, but also it’s easy to make the locating pin for positioning are damaged in multiple relative positions, so the subsequent air feeder improved version and my company roller feeder and NC servo roll feeder all have the function of eliminating accumulated error, and this function is realized by relaxing this action, the function of relaxation in the field of modern processing and precision is as important as the feeding function, it’s a necessary part of the realization of precision production.

Difference Between Pneumatic Servo Feeder And Mechanical Servo Feeder

My company NC servo roll feeder is a roller pinch feeding device, it’s divided into two types: pneumatic NC servo roll feeder and mechanical NC servo roll feeder according to different relaxation ways, Pneumatic NC servo roll feeder uses solenoid valve to drive cylinder push (or pull) the roller to realize the relaxation function, the relaxation action is slower, but there is not much restriction on the installation, not only can be matched to use with the punching machine, but also can matched to use with the shearing machine and the hydraulic press, and the use range is wider, the mechanical NC servo roll feeder uses mechanical rod relaxation way, its relaxation is quick and stable, and it’s easy to adjust. However, it must make this rod relaxation device install on the punch slider, so it’s limited in installation and it’s mainly used for short steps, high-speed feeding occasions or use with traditional punch presses.

However, whether it’s pneumatic NC servo roll feeder or mechanical NC servo roll feeder, it’s the working process is the same, including the two processes of material feeding and material positioning adjustment after material feeding, in this press stroke, they each correspond to a working time zone.

In crankshaft feeding time zone, the plate is driven by the servo motor of the NC servo roll feeder to drive the lower drum and then the gear drive upper drum is accurately fed into the stamping die; in the relaxed time zone, by the external force (cylinder push or relax the bar press down the Peel) the roller on the NC servo roll feeder is disengaged from the lower roller, and the roller pressing effect on the feeding plate is released, at this time, the guiding pin just enters the material guiding hole, thereby eliminating the accumulated error and ensuring the accuracy of each feeding amount; when the slider goes up and returns to the feeding time zone, the drum is returned to the clamping state, so repeated operation to ensure high-precision machining without stopping.