When it comes to stamping, shearing, laser cutting, and roll forming, various materials such as cold-rolled steel, acid-pickled steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel are commonly used. These materials have a low yield point stress, and using a sheet metal uncoiler with the right optional features can achieve excellent uncoiling results. If the coil is heavy, a hydraulic expansion device should be added. If the material is thick (over 2mm), an air-powered pressure arm should be added. If the coil is wide, a material stop arm device should be added. As a result, sheet metal uncoilers have gained widespread popularity among customers.

Sheet Metal Uncoiler

However, as the field of automation continues to expand, many high-tensile thick sheet materials are now being processed on automated production lines. If conventional sheet metal uncoiler models are still used for feeding such materials, obvious problems will arise. High-tensile thick sheet materials have a high yield strength, and after the coil straps are released, it is insufficient to solve the problem of scattered materials only by pressing them with the upper pressure arm. The lower part of the coil will still quickly disperse, not only causing multiple friction between the sheet metal and the machine base or ground, resulting in surface abrasion, but also easily causing safety accidents and injuring people.

Therefore, high-tensile thick sheet materials require the use of high-tensile thick sheet metal uncoilers. These specialized, custom-made models have been developed and designed by Henli for coils with high yield strength and tensile strength. They feature two material support devices with winding and shrinking devices that are evenly distributed along the axial center line at the base of the sheet metal uncoiler. When the coil is uncoiled, the support devices can cooperate with the upper pressure device to always support and press the coil, fundamentally avoiding the occurrence of material scattering.

The material support device of the high-tensile thick sheet metal uncoiler consists of a support bracket that is connected to the material rack base and installed with bearings, an air-powered material support drive device that supports and drives the support bracket, and a material support wheel installed on the support bracket. The air-powered material support device provides stable driving force to the support bracket, allowing it to move radially along the expanding and contracting drum, and provides stable and reliable supporting force to the coil, ensuring that the uncoiling and feeding processes of high-tensile thick sheet materials are always stable and reliable.

In conclusion, the choice of the right sheet metal uncoiler model is essential for the successful uncoiling and feeding of materials, especially for high-tensile thick sheet materials. The high-tensile thick sheet metal uncoiler, with its specialized design and unique features, can effectively prevent material scattering and improve the safety and efficiency of the uncoiling and feeding processes.

Sheet Metal Uncoiler