Hi, this is Bella again. Yesterday I have a client from Thailand, who got a problem about his 3 in 1 Straightener Roll Feeder machine I sold it to him 3 years ago. His machine is began to inaccurate feeding when it working. And how should we done and what solution of this phenomenon?

It is can be understand human being like that some problem will appear in your body when you are keeping work for a long time, maybe you will illness or go on strike. As the same as machine, like inaccurate feeding, many people will though the machine is broken, and do not know the solution. Today, HENLI machine equipment manufactured will explain and offer the solution to our dear friend and customer, hope this article will helpful for yours.

1.The problem of mold position.

When the process of feeding in 3 in 1 Straightener Roll Feeder, in order to satisfaction the requirement of the accurate the locating pin will be set in the mold. If the material have some inaccurate mistake when the machine working, the most probably problem is the locating pin is broken, need to relocate it when you check the machine first.

2.The problem of material coil quality.

If the glitch of a coil are poor, bending or some other serious problem, which is very easy to be the reason of inaccurate feeding mistake. Therefore at that time need to change more suitable standard coil material is also a better solution.

3.The wrong adjustable system of stopper wheel.

It is different tightness of pressing device in 3 in 1 Straightener Roll Feeder according raw material of coil, thickness and width, if the 3 situation happen will become the main reason of the inaccurate feeding. First one, it is not in the appropriate degree of the pressing device in the decoiler part. Second, it is not adjustable extend of guide wheel in straightener feeder part. And the last, it is not suitable width of the discharge wheel. Therefore, it is very necessary and essential to operation the machine according the instruction book and our professional technical engineer to adjustable the wheel in the mechine.

4.The 3 in 1 Straightener Roll Feeder machine problem

which reason is very less appear in HENLI machine, no one customer have such this problem in this problem since I am working here for 5 years, but need to be mention it.

Like different installations of the drum, large roundness error of the roller, uneven coating on the surface of the roller, abnormal servo system, unreasonable material frame design, gas leakage and leakage of liquid and gas components, and related pipeline blockage will lead to material deviation. If this problem with your machine, you need to contact the supplier immediately and I am believe the supplier will arranger the professional engineer to fix it. HENLI Machinery’s manufacturing equipment has undergone strict inspection and commissioning, and have 3 years warranty, a professional team will offer the solution to customers in 24hours. With 15 years machine business experience, and export more than 150 countries, every customer will arrange one professional engineer go to their country for installation and offer help system project. Choose HENLI, your best machine option.

5.There are foreign matter in feeder machine like iron filings, metal oxide scales, ect, which is also will make the inaccurate feeding or mistake feeding when the machine work.

The machine need to maintain on time, it is the best that add lubricant in every 15 days, and clear the roller and some foreign matters.

6.The insufficient pressure of the roller or the roller is in release status.

When using the 3 in 1 Straightener Roll Feeder, the power source used for relaxation is air pressure, and it is generally used in conjunction with the punching machine. It is inevitable that vibration will occur. It is often caused by the vibration of the relevant positioning screw to loosen and affect the leveling feeding accuracy. When the feeding mistake, you can check the roller, if its in the pressure status. If the pressure is not enough, you can solve it by adding a roller set, increasing the spring or cylinder pressure.

There are the main reason and solution to your 3 in 1 Straightener Roll Feeder, if you need the machine or want to know more information, please kindly contact me, I am 24 hours on line, my name is Bella. Thank you so much!