The press feed line is standard with thicknesses of 0.3mm-3.2mm, 0.3mm-4.5mm, and 0.6mm-6.0mm, and the inner diameter of the coils ranges from 508mm to 620mm.
The model varies with the thickness of the material in the mechanical production design. Let’s first understand the use and characteristics of the press feed line.

The metal coil plates targeted by the press feed line include: stainless steel coils, cold-rolled sheets, hot-rolled sheets, etc.

The press feed line is divided into two ways: top feeding and bottom feeding. The general type of thin plate is bottom feeding, which ensures more accurate feeding steps.

The pressing arm of the three-in-one feeder mainly adopts pneumatic pressing, which can effectively prevent the roll material from loosening, and is equipped with a material-supporting guide rail device to support the material to the leveling entrance. In order to save space and improve work efficiency, you can choose a feeding trolley, it can be operated by one person.

The three-in-one feeder is equipped with a contrast photoelectric control, which can relax the action of the material in an instant through the electrical signal sent by the press punch machine, press down forcefully, and guide the material accurately.

In addition to the standard configuration of the press feed line, according to the production needs of different customers, the matching of the machine can be modified accordingly, and under the same conditions, the production efficiency can be improved.