Recently there is a customer from South America, received our feeder, but do not know how to install, but from the literal information is a kind of feed conveyor equipment, now I take the steel strip stamping feeders as an example, to explain: what is the feeder, its principle and installation is what? Let’s learn together!!

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1.      Principle of steel strip stamping feeder

Work status is controlled by two semaphores:The signal lamp is designed in the CAM of the punch press. According to the set feeding length, after receiving the feeding signal, the output signal is sent to the servo amplifier, which controls the motor operation. The motor operation degree is fed back to the servo amplifier by the encoder. When the punch reaches the bottom point, the feeder PLC receives the relaxation signal. At this point, the PLC outputs a signal to drive the action of the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve controls the cylinder of the feeder, and the piston of the cylinder ACTS to loosen the upper roller of the feeding mechanism. This is the main working process of the feeder, so the cycle action, complete the stamping process.

2.      Main structure of Stamping Press feeder

Integral bed: there are two kinds of welding body and casting body;

Transmission components: mainly motor, lead screw, guide rail, coupling, etc.;

Feeding platform: there are universal ball, brush and brush universal ball mixing table points;

Fixed clamp: clamp (manual clamp, pneumatic clamp, hand and air clamp);

Control servo system: MCU, PLC, ipc, etc.

3.      Servo Coil Press feeder installation

1、Drill and tap 4 holes on one side of the punch table plate according to the setting position and size of the mounting plate, and fix the mounting plate on it.

2、The main part is hoisted with a lifting rope, the key between the front slide and the mounting plate is aligned, and the main part is fixed on the mounting plate with two matching screw bolts.

3、When the feeding height is not consistent with the horizontal position of the blanking die, the NC feeder slide plate will have about 100mm of adjustment for adjustment. At this time, the two bolts on the slide plate can be loosened, and the bolts fixed on the mounting plate can be adjusted. Then, the horizontal position of the feeder can be changed.

4、Fixed mold to ensure mold, perpendicular to the direction of roller and the press slide block is installed on the relaxation place, (note: if the pressing and thin material pry plate to lower die if there is a distance between guide device must be installed, with bending without the use of materials for the principle, fixed to mould and roller, vertical deflection material, the feed has stress, causes to send from different length.

5、Install the electric cabinet and proximity switch in the proper part of the punch and check whether it works normally.

What is the principle and installation of the feeder press feeder? I believe that the introduction or comprehensive, if you are interested in the feeder, please contact me! We can design, produce, install and sell! Don’t worry about after-sales problems.