In the market, our common types of feeders are: 3 in 1 feeder, NC servo  feeder, high-speed roller feeder, air feeder, NC servo zagzig feeder and so on. Feeders vary in type and characteristics, but the principles are the same. We can explain the principle and function of the feeder. The general structure of the belt feeder is mainly composed of the drum, the supporting device, the driving device, the tensioning device, the unloading device, the cleaning device and the frame. It is a continuous feeding. The machine uses a conveyer that is wrapped around the front and rear rollers to precisely feed the punching machine and the shearing machine to achieve the purpose of conveying the material. Below, HENLI feeder manufacturers to briefly introduce the characteristics of the various feeders:

A、Characteristics of 3 in 1 feeder

  1. 3 in 1 feeder is a three-in-one automatic feeding device for feeding, rectifying and material racks. It is high-tech, high-precision and high-efficiency. It can be said to be the vertex performance of the correcting feeder in the peripheral equipment series of punching machines. Features and advantages, such as: space saving, durable, easy to operate, especially for special features, extra wide, thick materials, etc., is considered the most advanced automatic feeding device in the industry.
  2. The 3 in 1 feeder roller leveler and the feeder are placed on the same machine, which can reduce the error of feeding and leveling to high precision, and it is convenient and does not take up space.
  3. optional automatic hydraulic expansion to improve work efficiency.

B、Characteristics of NC servo feeder

  1. High-precision feeding: For the advent of high-tech industry, computer closed-circuit feedback control ensures accuracy within ±02mm
  2. stage feeder: can input 20 groups of different feeding length, each group provides 999 times of punching, to meet the processing of special products (optional)
  3. humanized manual mode: can input the adaptive three-stage manual speed, making it easier for the user to operate and accurately position the material into the mold.
  4. high efficiency relaxation device: with the cam signal of the punch and simple thick material adjustment, you can quickly set the relaxation angle.
  5. Setting of feeding length: directly input the feeding length on the control panel to achieve the required feeding distance.
  6. 6, feeding structure: the roller can be hollow, light weight, small rotary inertia, surface hardness HRC60 degrees, hard chrome plating, wear resistance, long life

C、Characteristics of high speed roller feeder

  1. productivity: multi-engine continuous processing
  2. universality: no matter the width and thickness of the material, just adjust the feeder to match the mold to use, the structure is simple.
  3. economical and practical, low failure rate, easy maintenance.
  4. roller feeder high speed: up to 600 times per minute.
  5. roller feeder feeding accuracy: according to the number of revolutions and feeding length is different, generally its accuracy is 0.05mm, if the guide tip is positioned, it can get ±01mm accuracy.

D、Characteristics of air feeder

  1. Air feeder standard type: feeding length (width) 0-450mm, feeding thickness 0.1-3.2mm; can send materials type: metal, paper tape, plastic; can send material shape: round, triangle, protrusion; Special accessories: AF-5C and above accessories are equipped with buffers.
  2. air feeder plus E-type solenoid valve: suitable for the case where the stroke is too short or too long to feed.
  3. the air feeder standard type installed R-type relaxation solenoid valve: in the case of precision feeding, the solenoid valve can be used to loosen the fixed plate to correct the error.
  4. air feeder plus R-type relaxation solenoid valve plus E-type relaxation solenoid valve: suitable for the short stroke of the punching machine too short and long distance feeding, and high-precision feeding, you can use the solenoid valve to relax the fixed splint
  5. To correct the error.
  6. 5, air feeder new powerful type: suitable for automated processing of thicker materials, air feeder new powerful type uses a new pneumatic buffer to eliminate the vibration of fast feeding. The splint adopts a multi-cylinder pressing slider type splint. Wear-resistant, easy to operate, high stability, accurate feeding accuracy.