This powerful double head decoiler is non-motorized style, but with automatic hydraulic expanding.

When it comes decoiler, i believe everyone is familiar with it. And how is the MTD, double head decoiler. With the increase requirement of the market, in order to meet the customers demand, MTD have come out and more and more popular in the pressing industry.

And today i will introduction some details of MTD decoiler, hope will be some help for yours, here we go.

This type machine is constituted by machine frame, spindle, and loading rack, simple structure, and small space, which is greatly save the working factory space. MTD machine easy to operation, worker just need to take 1 time training then can handle the MTD decoiler. It is using double spindle structure, one side is working, other can feed the machine, save the changing material time, and also suitable to using in all kinds of metal material or some continue pressing process. If the material is not too width, can do the left-right changing form.

A: MTD unwinding machine is using the precision adjustable device, suitable using in some higher precision production. It is using double-head and separate control the electric boxes, 24 hours continue to work.

B: Type: There are two type of double-head decoiler, one is for powerful control, and other is for manual control, the factory can buy according their requirement, it is the best ask some suggestion to the engineer, which can reach the target that save the cost.

B1: Powerful MTD: Equipment with the motor, reducer, and the function of automatic decoiler (sensor), recoiler, stable and safe operation process, precision, and more popular using in higher processing precision production.

B2: No powerful: there are without any power in this equipment, and need to use other accessories to drive the material roll to drive the rotation of the material frame. In order to achieve the purpose of unwinding, and it is the best use with the leveler machine.

Customized: Can be choose to install some special device to meet customer’s requirement.

C: The standard MTD unwinding machine is using manual expansion method, also can be change to hydraulic expansion. In order to prevent the material scattered during operation, install the pressing arm is the best choice, it can add some pressure to the material, make sure the stable operation of the machine.

D: MTD decoiler machine can install the inverter to meet the different pressing speed. The Max material width can be reach 1800mm, and the material weight Max is 30Tons.

Here i attach a video of the closing and expanding process of MTD Decoiler.

As a professional feeder manufacture factory, HENLI machine pay more attention to develop different production to meet the customer’s requirement, now the hot-sales production include: AF feeder machine, RFS roller high speed feeder, MTD decoiler, Leveler, NC servo feeder, 2 in 1 decoiler and leveler, 3 in 1 servo feeder machine, ect.