There are several model of press feeder machine, like the press 3 in 1 feeder, servo straightener feeder ect. All of the feeder is for the auxiliary function in pressing machine, which have a widely application. However, there are some customers who often ask me the 3 in 1 machine feeder or other reason causes of some scratches on the material.

So, in order to solve the scratches problem, what so we do?

1. Firstly, need to analysis the possible reasons of scratches material in 3 in 1 feeder machine.
1.1 The most possible reason– misalignment setting machine cause
1.2 Secondly, material problem. Like some soft or thin material easy be hurt, maybe just little machine mistake will hurt it seriously, therefore, need to use the different type feeder and different project by different material. High speed roller feeder and NC servo feeder is the example

2. The method to avoid material be scratched by 3 in 1 servo feeder machine

2.1 Check is the thickness adjustment correct if in the correct position or not of the 3 in 1 servo feeder machine.If there is no correct position, can adjustment it to solve the problem.

2.2 Check if is something else in the 3 in 1 feeder’s barrel line the iron or sand or not, which can change the new barrel to solve the problem.

3.If feeding material is very thin and soft, the feeder machine can change package’s PU plastic barrel or transfer the format to pulling material.

4. When the feeding material is most thin and soft like aluminum,copper ect, it is just need to use the membrane cover with the movable splint and fix splint, which solve the problem.

There are some common reasons for the material be scratches of pressing 3 in 2 feeder machine, in the practical application, maybe have much different reasons will come out, the operator need to pay more attention for the abnormal situation when operation the 3 in 1 feeder machine, and find out the problem then solve it on time.
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