The maintenance of the automatic mask machine is important. It can not only delay the decline of precision of folding mask machine, but also reduce the chance of equipment repair.

Normally the maintenance is divided into following aspects: external, transmission system, electrical system, ultrasonic system and hydraulic system. (the maintenance of the equipment must be completed after the power is turned off)


Masks are used by people to wear on their faces, and some of them even need to be used in the operating room. Therefore, the production of masks must require the automatic mask machine to be neat and hygienic. At the end of the day, personnel should be arranged to clean the working table of the equipment and the plates storing masks after the power is turned off. Pay attention not to use water or oil, but to use alcohol and other non-toxic and volatile detergents.

Transmission system:

The transmission system includes motor, gear shaft, reducer motor, chain wheel, chain, transport belt and other parts. We should check whether there is adhesion dust on the outer surface of the motor to interfere with heat dissipation, whether the gear shaft and chain wheel are oiled and whether there are attachments. Whether the chain tightness is appropriate, whether there are foreign matters, whether the link screw between the transmission parts is loose, etc. Is the lubricating oil of reducer motor enough? It is usually necessary to replace the lubricating oil once every 1000 hours to 1500 hours.

Electrical system:

Check whether the circuit connector of the equipment is loose and whether the main power line and branch power line are damaged , ageing or loose electrical materials? Whether the inside of the electric box is clean and dry, and whether the exhaust fan works normally.