The double-header decoiler machine, often referred to as a dual-header decoiler or dual-header material rack, represents a leap forward in press production technology. A potent piece of equipment, this machine leverages a vertical dual-drum loading approach that ensures smooth, quick reel replacements with just a 180-degree horizontal turn. As one reel of material empties, this design eliminates the need to stop the machine, dramatically elevating press processing productivity.

State-of-the-Art Double-Header Decoiler Design

Present day models of the double-header decoiler machine frequently feature a hollow shaft, bolstered by two bearings on a gear-box structure, with a direct-drive gear fitted snugly between these bearings. To maintain lubrication, an advanced, forced mechanism is employed in the gearbox, partnered with a closed-loop oil lubrication system run by two constant-speed motors.

The central shaft of the dual-header decoiler machine leverages a cantilevered blueprint, offering critical front-end support via an external bearing during the unwinding process. This feature is crucial to ensure the decoiler machine’s rigidity and stability. However, this traditional design, depending heavily on a reduction gear coupled with an electrified motor for natural rotation, can face issues of unstable tension and non-adjustable braking angle, resulting in material deviation and dispersion. These shortcomings can impede the press production line’s efficient performance.

Introducing the Magnetic Powder Brake Double-Header Decoiler Machine

To tackle these challenges, we have meticulously engineered a cutting-edge alternative – the magnetic powder brake double-header decoiler machine. This progressive device necessitates the fan on the motor to be disassembled and connected to a magnetic powder brake, confirming that the machine functions under balanced forces. This unique setup permits adjustable braking angles, resolving issues of unstable tension, and ensuring the double-header decoiler machine’s smooth operation while averting any material deviation or dispersion.

The operation of the magnetic powder brake double-header decoiler machine is facilitated by a motor, reducer, and rotation roller, sequentially linked by a rotating shaft. A magnetic powder brake is affixed to one side of the motor. This brake consists of a front case, which houses a magnetic powder chamber; a rear case, connected to the front case; a rotating shaft, situated within the front and rear cases; and a fan, lined up axially with the rotating shaft within the cases. For enhanced stability and reliability, reinforced sleeves are mounted on the exterior of both cases, creating a secure structural arrangement.

To conclude, the magnetic powder brake double-header decoiler machine’s innovative design eliminates operational inefficiencies, ensuring smoother and more reliable press production.

Double-Header Decoiler
Double-Header Decoiler