Thick-material zigzag round steel production line, Light accessories zigzag production line

Thick-Zigzag plate production line, Light accessories Zigzag feeder machine, Steel plate zigzag feeder production line.

Specification: The thick-zigzag plate production line can do the zigzag pressing directly for the steel, which can save the cutting process and material. Increase the production speed, reach the high working efficient.

SpecialThick-steel-plate (more than 4.5mm) Zigzag automatically pressing unloading production line.
Machine compositionHeavy-duty 2 in 1 straightener/leveler+ Large thick-plate Zigzag NC feeder machine (Must install the loop)
Application rangeStamping processing for motor punching, aluminum wafer, refrigerator compressor, kitchen and small household appliances, lighting products, auto parts, stainless steel products, etc.

The Six Advantage of Thick-plate Zigzag Production Line:

1、In order to save the cutting process, it can do the zigzag pressing directly in the steel plate, which can increase the working efficient, save the material and reduce the material cost.

2、The zigzag feeder with the automatic repply movement control device, which can cooperate the move of the mold and realize the receiving material. It is no matter can reduce the working efficient and increase the production rate, but also can reduce the safety hazards and operational errors of human loading operation.

3、The feeder machine can be remove conveniently, the user can remove it and install other large mold, disassemble and other machine mold testng, which can greatly save the time and increase the efficient.

4、It is using high accuracy linear moving rail and limit-device position, which can ensure the accuracy position between the feeder machie and pressing machine.

5、The advance technology solve the contradiction between the position of large NC feeder and mold lifting installation and disassemble work.

6、For the basical make sure the large mold installation, disassemble, the safe of operator.