Today let me introduce the excellence of our 1+1 type full automatic servo medical flat mask machine, which are different from other most manufacturers. We are not satisfied in just solding machines one by one without making any changes and progress. We committed to finding possible problems and thinking where we can improve better for customers. All we want is to provide the most stable 1+1 type full automatic servo medical flat mask machine for customer to help them earn money.

Now let me state one by one as folowing:

  1. Our main standard components
Main category Name Brand Origin
Electrical main control components Programmable control (PLC) Panasonic Japan
Servo Driver Shihlin Taiwan
Inverter Shihlin Taiwan
HMI Weinview Taiwan
Operating units Servo motor Shihlin Taiwan
Horizontal motor Universial China
Pneumatic components AirTAC/SMC Taiwan / Japan
Ultrasonic equipment Domestic well-known brand (smart frequency tracking) China
Electric induction element Photoelectric Detection Baumer/SICK Switzerland/Germany
Proximitry Switch Panasonic/Omron Japan
Slot type switch Omron Japan
Switch button series Schneider France
Relay Omron Japan
Switch power supply Mean well Taiwan
Material Transmission part Stainless steel,carbon steel chrome plating ,Aluminum sandblasting
Conveyor PVC conveyor China

If some customers who are familiar with this mask making area may know, the main standard components we use for 1+1 type full automatic servo medical flat mask machine are quite better than others. Most suppliers use mostly China brand components, which are far away from ours. Almost all we use from Japan, Germany, France and Taiwan. If customers want more higher standard components, can change servo motor & driver and inverter into Japanese Panasonic, which won’t cost too much cost. We can finish within 3 days.

  1. Cam structure material

The mechanical sound of the ear straps on our 1+1 type full automatic servo medical flat mask machine is smaller, and the sound is crisp, reducing noise pollution.

At last attach a YouTube link of our standard 1+1 type full automatic servo medical flat mask machine:

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