Heavy decoiler and pallet decoiler are two types of unwinding and decoiling equipment used in the stamping industry, their functions are to realize the automatic decoiling of coils. However, their applicable material width and thickness range are completely different, and each has its own advantages and applicable scope.

pallet decoiler

pallet decoiler machine is suitable for the material thickness range of 0-1mm,and the material width range is 0-120mm (standard machine),If it’s thin, it can be up to 300mm wide.

Our company heavy decoiler is mainly suitable for the processing of coils with wide material width, large thickness and large load capacity; flat electronic feeder, it’s also known as pallet uncoiler, it’s mainly suitable for thin-plate materials, materials with narrow width, and automatic decoiling feeding with fast processing speed, there are four main differences between heavy decoiler and pallet decoiler:

  1. The heavy decoiler is a vertical expansion and contraction feeding equipment that can be used for decoiling process before stamping and for rewinding process after stamping, the standard heavy decoiler is suitable for thickness range 0.2-6.0mm,After adding the auxiliary devices such as pressing arm and hydraulic expansion, the thickness can be up to 6.0mm, and the material width can be from 10-1600mm according to different models of the machine, it’s suitable for a wide range of thicknesses and widths of materials.

The pallet decoiler is a horizontal unwinding device, which can only be used for the unwinding process, it can’t be used for the rewinding of the coils, it’s suitable for the material thickness range of 0-1mm,and the material width range is 0-120mm (standard machine),If it’s thin, it can be up to 300mm wide.

  1. Heavy decoiler have strict requirements on the inner diameter due to the demand for expansion and contraction. therefore, it should be braced and fixed to be able to operate the unwinding material, the inner hole of the coils is only suitable for 450-530mm(with a width of 1000mm) and 480-530mm,made with the national standard coils inner diameter 508mm as standard, if the coils has changed, the inner diameter of the machine need be customized.

Our company pallet decoiler is a horizontal unwinding without any requirement for the material whole size, when using, just put the coils directly on the flat loading material pallet, there is no restriction on the inner hole of the coils.

  1. The vertical expansion and contraction uncoiling mode of heavy decoiler determines that it can only load 1 coil at a time.

Our pallet decoiler can load several coils material at the same time in the load range, the coil can be stacked way, and the second coil can be placed after the first one, which saves the manpower and time of refueling.

  1. The standard induction mode of heavy decoiler is contact current induction mode, the material needs to be conductive (non-conducting stop unwinding, self-starting after leaving the induction rod, the unwinding speed is fast 16m/min).

The standard induction mode of our pallet decoiler is micro-motion type, after the material pulls the swing rod, the turntable starts to run, the material stops pulling, and the turntable stops after the swing rod is reset, and the unwinding speed can reach 30m/min quickly, fully automatic variable frequency control.