The same point is feeding accuracy has no obvious difference, can reach ±0.01mm;

The difference, that is, the advantage of three-in-one comparison in two-in-one:

① Saving land space: 3 in 1 length × width × height = 4.0 × 2.5 × 2.5 (m); 600 2 in 1 length × width × height = 7.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 (m) Remarks: Because it contains The height of the loading trolley and the press arm.

② Leveling accuracy: In general, the three-in-one leveling is better than the two-in-one, because the three-in-one leveling and feeding are integrated, and after straightening, they directly enter the mold, and the two-in-one leveling and feeding It is separate, first leveling and feeding, there is some change in the leveling after the material arc, but it will not affect the quality of the product; in special cases, such as extra thick material (3.0-8.0mm), three Better one, two in one is worse, not easy to operate; and in very thin materials (0.1-0.3mm), two in one is better.

③ Scope of application: Three-in-one is the most suitable material with a material width of 300-1800mm or more; two-in-one adapts to the width of 200-600, and the material is too inconvenient to operate in a wide two-in-one operation.

④ Operational performance: Three-in-one feeding, unwinding and leveling feeding, the operation is very convenient, the degree of automation is high, generally one person can complete a feeding process in a few minutes, the two-in-one generally takes ten minutes and needs 2 More than one person can assist in the process of loading.

⑤ Degree of automation: The three-in-one structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, and the accessories have many functions, which is convenient for the design and cooperation of higher automation production. The two-in-one is limited by this.

⑥ Service life and economic value: Three-in-one in two-in-one is completely different feelings. No matter from the production process and processing equipment and configuration, the three-in-one is the perfect embodiment of automatic feeding. Now there is already Four in one, five in one, six in one appeared; the service life is generally around 15 years, the two in one has only its normal life, not to say that it can not be used, but only for a long time, even if it can be used, no one uses It’s like a Nokia phone and an Apple phone.

⑦ Appearance image: Three-in-one appearance image atmosphere! The overall concept of the equipment is advanced, in line with the requirements of modern production, and the punching machine matched with it has greatly improved the company’s image and strength! It is helpful for the customer’s visit and the company’s overall strength, and the two-in-one is subject to this restriction. This is very important in the long run.

⑧Because the use is mostly used in industries with high degree of automation, due to the limitations of its structure and weight, the number of stamping strokes is generally controlled at 0-80 times/min; if the feed step is within 50 mm, it can be increased to less than 100 times; Two-in-one Since the feeders are separated separately, there will be an advantage in the feeding speed, and nothing more!

Development automation is an urgent problem now and in the future. To deal with increasingly tight human resources, the world is trying to solve this worldwide problem. We are willing to use our wisdom and sweat as our new Old customers do their best!

The feeders, levelers, feeders, straightening machines, material racks, etc. produced by Dongguan Henli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. are all bringing high efficiency and production precision products to the enterprise, achieving full automation for the enterprise, saving manpower and material resources. .