In some companies, the standard Decoiler Machine is not very suitable for the needs of the factory. For example, parameters such as load, material width, thickness, inner and outer diameter, and Decoiler speed cannot meet their needs, so we can customize processing according to customer needs.

Custom Items:

1. The maximum width of the decoiler can be customized 2000 mm.

2. The maximum load can be customized 30T.

3. A pressing arm device can be installed to prevent the material from unwinding.

4. A frequency converter can be installed to achieve the purpose of adjusting the speed.

5. The feeding trolley can be added to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.

6. A tension frame can be installed for the winding of stamped products.

7. It can also be equipped with a support arm of a material rack, a material support rack, etc.

As an important process in the Stamping Production Line, the decoiler is favored by major enterprises due to its advantages of convenient operation, safety, reliability, durability and high cost performance. The decoiler machine is combined with a coil straightener machine, coil feeder machine and a  press punching machine to form a complete automatic stamping production line.