Scrap tape does not have high requirements on the compactness and surface of the reeled tape, and various types of decoiler machine are often used for rewinding (just change the induction method).

1. The scrap material and narrow material are reeled by the CR-type decoiler, which can rewind material with a width of less than 200mm and a weight of less than 200kg. The price is affordable and the model is small and occupies a small area.

2.The wide material and thick material are wound with a heavy duty decoiler, which is a common type.The weight of the reeled material is large, and it can also be customized according to customer needs.

3. Double-station decoiler can be used for efficient waste rewinding to reduce downtime.

If the winding is finished tape, there are two options, one is the decoiler equipped with tensioning function for the finished winding of ordinary materials; the other is the terminal material, which has a special terminal rewinder for rewinding.

1. An decoiler equipped with tensioning function is used for winding finished products of common materials. A tensioning device is set before the decoiler, which can provide constant tension for the decoiler and ensure the stability and compactness of the winding material. At the same time, a pressing arm and a hydraulic expansion device can be added to the decoiler part to improve the application scope of the reeling material.

2. The terminal material winding needs to use a special terminal feeder. The common terminal can use the induction terminal feeder, the precision terminal needs to use the light-controlled terminal feeder, and the high-speed terminal punching and winding needs to use the automatic plate changing terminal feeder.