In the process of using the face mask making machine, it probably will meet some problems. Today, I will tell you about the common problems in the operation of the face mask making machine:

1、Misunderstanding of welding process

The welding line of face mask making machine should be points or line, and the transmission distance should conform to the ultrasonic welding method. Some people think that the face mask making machine only needs to be plastic material, no matter how to joint the surface can be welded. This is wrong knowledge. When the instantaneous energy attack, the larger the joint area is, the more severe the energy looseness is, the worse the welding effect is, and even can not be welded. Other ultrasonic waves are transmitted longitudinally. The energy loss is proportional to the distance, and the distance should be controlled within 7.5 cm. The welding line should be controlled between 0.3-0.8mm. The wall thickness of the work piece should not be less than 2mm, otherwise it may be wrongly welded, especially for products requiring water tightness.

2、Misunderstanding of work piece materials

The ultrasonic welding machine of face mask making machine has requirements on the quality of the work piece to be welded. Not all materials can be welded. Some people think that any material can be welded. This is a big misunderstanding. Some materials can be welded excellently, some can basically weld, and some can not be fused. The melting point of the same material is the same, so it can be welded in principle.

3、Misunderstanding of ultrasonic output power

The output power of ultrasonic wave,with the diameter and thickness of piezoelectric ceramic chip and its material, planning the process decision, transducer finalization, and the power is determined. Measuring the output energy is a messy process. It is not that the larger the transducer is, the more power tubes are used in the circuit, and the greater the output energy is. Only when the amplitude measuring instrument is properly disordered can the amplitude be accurately measured. Because most users do not understand the common sense of the ultrasonic wave, and the misleading of the sales personnel, they give consumers a wrong knowledge. The power consumption does not reflect the ultrasonic power output of the face mask making machine. If it is found that the longitudinal energy is low and the current consumption is large, it can only show that the power of the equipment is low, and there is no saying of high power.