Uncoiler Machine with High Speed Roller Feeder Machine is currently the most commonly used type of assembly line with traditional press punching machine. It is mainly used for some (not strong internal stress) materials that do not need to be leveled.

Model composition:
1. Uncoiler Machine : Uncoiler machine is the most widely used unwinding and uncoiling equipment in press stamping production. It controls the start and stop of the uncoiler through the 24V induction power supply, and automatically controls the length of the discharge by adjusting the height of the induction pole, so as to work together with the coil straightener machine.

The uncoiler machine is cost-effective, easy to operate, large load, high degree of automation, and can be customized according to customer needs.

2. High speed roller feeder machine:The high-speed roller feeder machine is affordable, stable in performance, easy to install and operate, and is favored by stamping companies.

Advantages: high cost performance, fast feeding speed (high speed can reach 600 times/min), no energy consumption, high feeding accuracy and stability; Disadvantages: limited installation (the punch must have an output shaft, and the output shaft cannot be too short),
The feeding step distance adjustment is cumbersome (adjusted by adjusting the deflection amplitude of the eccentric disc), the scope of application is limited (the maximum applicable material width is 700mm, the material thickness is 3.5mm, and the step distance is 300mm), and the degree of customization is not high.

Special note: For this matching type, the inner diameter, outer diameter and load capacity of the uncoiling part can be customized according to customer needs, and whether to pressurize the material arm, hydraulic expansion, photoelectric induction and feeding trolley;
The feeding part can be replaced with NC servo feeder machine according to customer needs.