As we know, different button have their own functions and signal, our 3 in 1 servo feeder machine button also like this, the feeder machine button most setting in servo control panels. Today, let’s introduce the different button functions of the 3 in 1 servo feeder machine.

Operating Control of NCHL servo feeder

Operation Handle and Control Panle of 3 in 1 Straightener Servo Feeder Machine

1.      The Power Switch

The rotary switch with control the power of electric source, it is clockwise rotation of power supply button means open the 3 in 1 servo feeder machine. Otherwise, anticlockwise rotation means shut down the servo feeder’s power supply.

2.      The Auto Method

It is using for control auto operation method of the 3 in 1 machine, the 3 in 1 servo feeder machine can operation automatically under the auto operation. And turn on auto light, when you choose the manual operation then will be exit auto operation mode automatically.

3.      The Manual Method

It is using for control the manual operation mode, when turn on the auto operation light, and you can manually control the 3 in 1 servo feeder machine, When you choose the auto operation mode, the manual operation will be exit automatically.

Touch Screen Control Panel of 3 in 1 Servo Feeder

wth touch screen control, difficult of ServooFeeders’ Operation is greatly decreased

4.      Stop Auto operation

When press this button, the machine will stop operation when the machine under the auto operation.

5.      Emergency stop

Just like the name of the button, using sometime emergency, when material is feeding mistake or other situations, when you need to emergency stop, you can use this button.

6.      OK Indicator

When turn on the OK indicator means the feeder machine is start to work.

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