HENLI 3 in 1 decoiler straightener feeder machine is most popular in the domestic market, the important point is in the service. When customer confirm the order, the engineer team will choose the best model according customers requirement and material, then the engineer will go to customer’s factory to install the machine and training the operator. There are some operation step and attention as follow.

  • Start the trial operation of pressing 3 in 1 feeder equipment, then operation the leveler and decoiler, the material will be release slowly.
  • Using the jog method to adjustable the wheel of straightener like go up or down, which can adjust the distance between up and down wheel. At last, precision adjustment manually.
  • The function of 3 in 1 feeder machine’s spring is applying the pressure to the upper roller, and the upper roller can press the material then feeding the material.
  • after setting the length of 3 in 1 machine, need to according the customer situation, then setting the feeder speed, the setting method will be introduction in the follow.
  • When setting the relate data of feeding, the real feeding length is a little bit different from the setting data, so it should be down in manual mode. Adjustable the real length according feeding test, pressing machine, stroke, press ect.
  • when the Inner guide pin tip inter the Guide pin hole, can adjustable the releasing screw to touch the bear of release support, until the material totally release and lock the screw nut.
  • The starting adjustable of feeding is control by rotating cam of pressing machine. The feeding sending signal is at which angel begin to sending material of pressing crankshaft.The recommend angel number of the auto pressing 3 in 1 feeder machine is 9 to 3 (240°-90°), after setting, it is need to do a test, which can be continue using after adjustable.

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