The standard uncoiler does not have a special brake device. The motor drives the main shaft directly to complete the unwinding action, and the induction rod controls the operation of the machine.

However, when the material is too thick or the material is too heavy (over 3 tons), the induction rod will have a lot of inertia when it stops, resulting in the bulk of the material coil, and at the same time, the material will also be accompanied by jitter.

In order to make the unwinding of thick plates and heavy materials more stable, Henli designed and produced a pneumatic disc brake device as an optional device for the uncoiler for customers to choose. The pneumatic disc brake device is composed of a pneumatic clutch, a pneumatic switch and a chain, which can make the discharge more stable. Today, when the material exceeds three tons, Henli includes pneumatic disc brakes as standard, no additional options are required.When it is less than three tons, customers can choose this device according to their own preferences.

There are three obvious benefits when the uncoiler is equipped with a pneumatic disc brake device:

1. The power transmission is stable, the main shaft of the uncoiler starts smoothly, and the running speed is uniform.

2. Reduce the adverse effect on the line voltage drop.

3. When the main shaft of the uncoiler needs to be turned on and off for a short time, the motor is allowed to not stop working, as long as the electromagnetic pneumatic switch is turned off. This effectively reduces the impact of frequent starts on the life of the machine itself, reduces the consumption of electric energy, and prolongs the life of the motor starting control equipment.