The Advantages of Roller Feeder Machine

Roller feeder machine, also known as the second-generation punching machine feeder, is currently the most widely used feeder machine. Its basic principle is that an eccentric disk is fixed to the punch output shaft, and the punch output shaft provides the power source to drive the feeding rollers through the eccentric disk, cross joint, connecting rod, rocker arm, and transmission shaft, achieving precise feeding. The relaxation function is achieved by installing a relaxation striking rod device on the punch slider, and it has the advantages of no energy consumption, fast speed (fast feeding speed can reach 600 times/min), high accuracy, good stability, high cost performance, and low failure rate.

Is Roller Feeder Machine Suitable for All Punches?

The transmission and working principle of the roller feeder machine determine that it is not suitable for all punches. Its scope of application is greatly limited. First, the punch must have an output shaft. Second, the width of the material being stamped must be within 700mm, the thickness of the material must be within 3.5mm, and the stamping feeding step must be within 300mm. There is no need for multiple step stamping processing in one stamping production. Only punches that meet these conditions and the requirements of stamping technology are suitable for using the roller feeder machine.

How to Solve Incorrect Feeding of Roller Feeder Machine?
There are two common reasons for incorrect feeding of the roller feeder machine:

The gap between the punch output shaft is too large, causing incorrect feeding. Many traditional punches have output shafts, but the gap between their output shafts is very large. Although the roller feeder machine can also be used with them, the feeding step of the feeder machine is easily affected by the gap, causing incorrect feeding. Therefore, punches with large output shaft gaps should undergo precision machining or it is recommended to choose NC servo feeder machine.

Continuous feeding step adjustment is incorrect.When the feeder machine is used for continuous processing production, it is necessary to first perform continuous inch movement and perform a trial punch to determine the accuracy of the feeding step. However, due to the roller feeder machine being equipped with a brake system and a precise adjusting device, the continuous feeding step is easily adjusted incorrectly, causing incorrect feeding. To solve this problem, it is necessary to adjust the continuous feeding step correctly and check it regularly to ensure the accuracy of the feeding step.

In conclusion, the roller feeder machine has many advantages, but it is not suitable for all punches. When using the roller feeder machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct adjustment of the continuous feeding step to ensure the accuracy of feeding.

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