Revolutionizing High-Speed Stamping Production with Our Superior Thick Plate Servo Feeder

Crafted with precision and innovation, our high-speed thick plate servo feeder stands as an exemplar in the realm of high-speed, long stroke stamping production. Specifically engineered to work harmoniously with high-speed punch presses, this feeder model has not only revolutionized the industry but also raised the bar for performance standards.

Advantages That Set It Apart: The Superiority of High-Speed Servo Feeders

Unlike traditional servo feeder models, our high-speed variant exhibits a plethora of structural merits, making it the top-notch choice for a variety of applications.

1. Unparalleled Clamping with Dual Cylinder Technology

The dual cylinder clamping feature guarantees a dependable grip on metal strips of varying thicknesses. By fine-tuning the tri-point combination’s pressure, we effectively prevent any potential harm to the material surface, a feat unmatched by conventional systems.

2. Redefined Precision with Mitsubishi Servo Motor

Our feeding roller operates in sync with a Mitsubishi servo motor and a reducer, using a closed-loop control system. This upgraded system outperforms the semi-closed systems utilized by standard servo feeders, thereby delivering superior feeding precision and stability.

3. Reciprocating Feed Method for Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

The servo motor facilitates a reciprocating feed method, enabling single or continuous feeding in the same direction during both forward and return strokes. This unmatched speed outperforms traditional servo feeders by a significant margin, overcoming their limitation of low feeding speed. Achieving a feeding rate of up to 450 times per minute, it perfectly complements the use of high-speed punch presses.

4. Compact and User-Friendly Design

Our machine boasts a compact structure, ensuring ease of operation and exceptional precision. This user-friendly design makes it a popular choice across various industries.

The Ultimate Solution for Diverse Industries

Our high-speed thick plate servo feeder has carved out a niche for itself in numerous sectors, including automotive, electronics, hardware, and motor manufacturing industries. Owing to its outstanding performance, it has garnered widespread recognition and stellar reviews from stamping clientele.

In essence, our high-speed thick plate servo feeder, with its unique features and superior performance, proves to be the ultimate choice for working in tandem with various brands and tonnages of high-speed punch presses. Undoubtedly, it is redefining the standards of high-speed, thick plate, long stroke stamping production.

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servo feeder