According to our after-sales people’s feedback, they went out for installation and commissioning for many times, but have hardly seen customers use a double-sided oil feeding machine to add oil on two sides of punching material in their production line. Customers may want to save costs so they self-made oil feeding machine, but there are different kinds of way. Some customers may directly find a mineral water bottle, cut the bottom end, and insert the top end of the insertion tube upside down against the material to be stamped. Some customers may clamp the material with cloth and the tubing drops onto the fabric. Other customers may simply bundle a large piece of cloth on the feeder roller of the feeder to apply oil. As far as I’m concerned, these ways are not beautiful and does not save, and it will lead to greater waste, which may also endanger the quality of the product.

Now let me introduce the disadvantage of self-made oil feeding machine. The premise is not beautiful, the oil is not changed, the oil is not well-balanced, the second is the self-made oil tightness, the oil bottle and the oil pipe mouth are very easy to seep, the oil output is not well adjusted, when the stamping stops Will continue to drop, causing stamping countertops, punching machines, feeders, the ground is oil everywhere, wasting oil and polluting the plant equipment. If the fabric is bundled on the feeding roller of the feeder, the feeding roller will be oily and slippery, which will damage the precision of the feeding, so that the product will not close or damage the stamping die, and the fabric will be depleted and adhered to the stamping material, resulting in the finished surface after stamping. There are wool or small black spots, which make the quality of the product harmed.

Hence, if you use double-sided oil feeding machine, all the above-mentioned bad things can be solved. Showing you a photo:

The double-sided oil feeding machine body is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and durable, and it is easy to install with special fine-tuning oil design. The size can be adjusted according to the needs of the work, and there is a multi-oil recovery pipe. The oil drum has a filter device, and the recovered oil can be repeatedly used to achieve a fuel-saving effect. High-density wool is used, which has strong wear resistance, good oil content, uniform oil distribution, and no lint. It is definitely worthwhile to apply double-sided oil feeding machine.

Please see the following YouTube link of our manual oil feeding machine, better choose automatic type: