HENLI 3 in 1 servo feeder straightener uncoiler has a wide range of auto punching applications and can be used for stamping production of various materials to catch up with the rapid industrial development.

In the actual processing and production, some soft materials or surface-coated materials (such as aluminum, thin stainless steel) are often used. When these materials are leveled and fed using a three-in-one servo feeder, the leveling rollers and feeding rollers are easy to be stained with metal chips or other garbage、dust.Once it is leveled and the feed roller is stained with debris, the material coming out of the leveling rollers will be dented and the surface of the material will be scratched, while the feeding part will cause that inaccurate feeding. Affect the quality of stamping finished products directly.

The part of straightening head of the openable three-in-one servo feeder consists of an upper leveling rollers, a lower leveling rollers, a safety support rod, a rotating eccentric shaft, an upper feeding rollers, a lower feeding rollers, the first level adjustment device, and the second The level adjustment device, the upper fixing seat and the lower fixing seat can realize the rapid and safe opening of the upper roller set, which is convenient for cleaning the debris sticking to the material.At the same time, it also facilitates the inspection of internal gears and other components, and can prevent the upper-lower leveling rollers from damaging the upper leveling cylinder and the lower leveling cylinder by the waste generated during the material leveling process of the upper -lower leveling rollers.

This can prolong the service life of the leveling roller, feeding roller, gear and other components, improve the surface quality of the stamped finished product, improve cleaning efficiency, and reduce cleaning costs; The safety support rod can avoid the risk of the upper roller set being opened from being unhooked and falling, and the operation safety is improved.