Today we are keeping move on the topic in last article, there is a potential customer from Spanish going to confirm the order for 10PCS 2 in 1 Heavy Straightener and Leveler, cause SHL series have too much different models, and the project system is designed by my customer offer the raw material specification, at that time, he got a confusion. “Bella, why you are thinking that ten machines are the best suitable for my factory, could you explain how can I choosing to use the best one?”, I think that’s a good question for us and maybe other customers have the same question. At the first, I was explained for him step by step and now can be summarize one main point, what most importance factor is Thickness of material, the thickness can be decide different leveler and different price, and it going to express about Leveler’s structure and operation, hope it can be help for you.

In the last ten years, the most popular in Chinese industry market is for the production type is hydraulic heavy-duty material frame with thick plate leveling machine + NC servo feeder combination with punch processing, even for the slip structure but also can be automated, which need a large space for occupation, need to feeder by worker, the operation process is troublesome and the leveling effect is not ideal, very easy to cash material surface , which very hard to ensure the product’s quality.

As the picture:

For guarantee product’s quality, the engineers of HENLI Machinery and Equipment are constantly improving on the pursuit of innovation that keeps pace with the times in the pass 10 years. Designed and produced a new 2 in 1 Heavy Straightener and Leveler for such disadvantages. The machine structure needs to development and rationally designed, and the coil car, the decoiler device and the leveling device are formed into an integrated structure through the same chassis, which can save much space occupied and effectively ensure that the strip will not run into other way and smoothly enter the leveling mechanism, and the strip can be accurately and quickly sent out by the automatic rack.

The structure of 2 in 1 Heavy Precision Straightener

When using the 2 in 1 Heavy Straightener, the operator need to put the sheer on the coil car, and the coil car will lift up and feed onto the loading roller, at that moment, the expansion cylinder is retracted, and the pull rod linkage expansion assembly is pulled to expand the support tile outward, thereby tightening the inner ring of the coil, and then loading the coil car to exit. You can click the link  of 2 in 1 heavy precision straightener and see the whole operation video

The operation method of 2 in 1 Heavy Precision Straightener

After recoil of 2 in 1 Heavy Precision Straightener, the material is guided by the feeding frame into between the upper pressing roller group and the lower pressing roller group, the rotary driving device simultaneously drives the upper pressing roller group and the lower pressing roller group to rotate, which the upper pressing roller group and the lower pressing roller group have power and the matching effect is good. In this way, not only can protect the material surface but also update work efficiency, and improve he leveling effect, and the flattened material belt is accurately conveyed to the subsequent matching feeder in the limit of the discharge rack, we can use the 3 sentences express the function:  Easy to operate, high stability, ensuring leveling accuracy.

I believe that through the above detailed introduction to the structure and use of 2 in 1 Heavy Precision Straightener, and also great helpful when you choosing the machine models, we can free to offer the project system for you, excellence price and sincere service in HENLI MACHINE EUIQPMENT COMPANY.