High-speed roller feeders have become an essential tool in the stamping industry, offering numerous benefits such as energy efficiency, stability, and cost-effectiveness. These versatile devices are compatible with a wide range of domestic and international punch press equipment brands, catering to different types of stamping production processes.

Compatibility with Leading Punch Press Brands

High-speed roller feeders showcase exceptional compatibility, making them the perfect match for traditional large flywheel punch presses and pneumatic presses from renowned brands such as Yangli, Yang Forging, Jinfeng, Weideman, and Xieyi. These feeders can accommodate low-speed stamping with a maximum feeding speed of 180 cycles/min for standard models. Moreover, they seamlessly pair with high-speed presses from brands like Zhenli, Gaojiang, and Taiji Mountain for high-speed stamping, supporting maximum speeds of up to 600 cycles/min for high-speed models.

Six Key Features Setting High-Speed Roller Feeders Apart

  1. Superior Feed Roller Quality: High-speed roller feeders employ feed rollers fabricated from imported bearing steel materials. These rollers undergo a meticulous production process, including initial machining, static balance calibration, shaft head interference assembly welding, precision machining, and fine dynamic balance calibration. A roller grinder guarantees the rollers’ roundness, cylindricity, and straightness. Heat treatment through hard grinding ensures high performance, wear resistance, and top-notch feeding accuracy.
  2. Enhanced Unidirectional and Reverse Devices: These devices feature ultra-hard alloy materials and a seven-tooth ratchet structure, minimizing idle stroke angles and increasing output torque. This design leads to improved transmission braking accuracy, reliability, wear resistance, safety, precision, and extended service life.
  3. High-Performance Brake System: The brake system in high-speed roller feeders incorporates original brake pads supplied directly to BMW automobiles. This guarantees exceptional sensitivity, stability, and longevity for the brakes.
  4. Precision Left and Right Wall Plates: The wall plates of high-speed roller feeders are processed in a single pass by a double-hole boring machine. This ensures radial diameter, hole distance, and three-hole parallelism accuracy, enabling the feed rollers to achieve high assembly precision.
  5. Versatile Adjustable Pull Rod: The adjustable pull rod features a unique three-stage stretch structure, offering a broad adjustment range and easy adjustments. This design prevents breakage caused by changes in machine height or pitch.
  6. Reliable Bearings: High-speed roller feeders utilize authentic Japanese NSK precision rolling bearings, ensuring stable and dependable motion transmission.


High-speed roller feeders are revolutionizing the stamping industry with their energy efficiency, stability, and affordability. Their compatibility with various domestic and international punch press brands, along with their six distinctive structural features, makes them an invaluable asset for different stamping production processes. Investing in high-speed roller feeders is a smart decision for businesses looking to optimize their stamping operations and enhance overall productivity.

High-Speed Roller Feeder
High-Speed Roller Feeder