Quality is the main criterion for measuring the quality of a punch automatic feeder machine, and quality control is also Henli most important task.

1. According to the assembly process, the assembly process is decomposed, and each assembly employee has to check each other’s quality. According to the production process, the process of punch automatic feeder machine, uncoiler machine,2 in 1 uncoiler straightener machine, and 3 in 1 press feeding line are accurately decomposed, so that each process has a special person responsible.

2. The punch feeder assembly workshop holds a daily quality improvement morning meeting in the form of teams to enhance the quality awareness of each assembly employee.

3. Strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system and related quality standards.

4. Comprehensive training to improve the overall business level of the assembly team. The R&D department, the engineering department and the quality inspection department regularly conduct skill training for the assembly staff of the automatic punch feeder to continuously improve the skill level of the staff.

Taking responsibility for customers’ machines is Henli most important mission.