Leveler also known as leveling machine , straightening machine and straightener . It is a kind of special equipment for improving the flatness of metal materials and removing the internal stress of materials. As the materials used for production are various with different width,thickness and so on . So there are many different types of leveling machine accordingly . However, the principle and debugging method for different types levelers are basically the same. The principle is to use the staggered leveling rollers to compact the metal material and make it flat , and the debugging is to adjust the degree of pressure reduction of the rollers .

Why does the leveler need to be level tested and debugged?

Henli leveler is not only suitable for one kind of material, but also can be used for a large class of materials conforming to its rated correction capacity table. When material changed to different thickness, the leveler needs to be debugged to ensure that it can achieve the ideal leveling effect.

How to adjust the leveler ? How to debug?

The commissioning of Henli leveler shall be carried out as follows:

  1. Cut several sections of the coil material to be leveled, eachlength isabout 1 meter for debugging purposes.
  2. Raise the material pressing handle of the levelerappropriately to ensure that the material can pass through the machine. (Machine for thick plate type use the cylinder)
  3. Push the materialinto the levelerat the direction of up radian. Then switch the operation of the electric control box of the machine platform to manual control . And press forward to make material slowly enter the leveler until the material out of the leveler.
  4. Adjust the leveling and adjusting hand wheel of the machine to press down the material, and ensure that the hand wheel at both ends is pressed down uniformly until the material can not be pulled at will.
  5. Press the forward rotation to make all materials pass through the leveling machine. There could bethree situations:

a.  If the material radian changes from the upper radian to the lower radian.It means that there is too much pressure on the leveling adjusting hand wheel. So it is necessary to properly raise the hand wheel, and then changeto another piece of material inching feeding for debugging.

b.  If the material radian is still the upper radian, but the radian is reduced a lot, it means that the leveling adjusting hand wheelpressurenot enough. It is necessary to properly lower set the hand wheel, use another piece of material to repeat debugging.

c.   If the material deviates, it indicates that the pressure of the leveling adjustment handwheel at both ends is inconsistent, and which side is deviated, the corresponding leveling adjustment handwheel should be adjusted up to make the pressure on both sides consistent.

  1. During commissioning, please refer to instruction .

The adjustment of the leveler is a delicate and patient work, which might need adjust many times to achieve the ideal effect. On the other hand , after one adjustment is correct, the stamping of this whole coil can be used safely.