The correctly installed of CNC feeder is the basic for ensuring the accuracy of stamping product for the whole production line. As we know, the application of the feeder machine have a lot of advantage for the pressing industry, like save the worker cost, increase the production effective and the big different of machine feeder and person feeder is that the machine feeding accurate more higher and stable than the human feeding. The full automatic production will a great extent to avoid mechanical accident. NC servo feeder is the most popular using in different country, when you confirm the material specification we will choose the best suitable model and offer the best quotation for you immediately. As some domestic customer, we will arrange the engineer to installation for you. As the 15 years’ experience feeder machine manufacturer, today we are sharing some installing of CNC Servo feeder for you.

  1. Need to confirm the accessories requirement for the CNC feeder installation, as follow
  • The main machine body for the feeder equipment
  • The fixed plate use for fix the main machine body
  • The bolts for install the machine body
  • Operation cabinet and releasing rod ect.
  1. The fix plate is processing according the requirement of punching machine location and manufacture requirement. It is need to be may sure the installation location like install in left or right, can be adjustable by customer different situation.
  2. The fix plate ( has been previously processed according to the size) need to be installed in feeder. And the fixing plate has an insert facing the punching table and is installed in the middle location of the punching machine, and it should be keep perpendicular and parallel with the table, then confirm the bolt position and fix the bolt in it.
  3. The NC Servo feeder body need to be install in the fix plate by bolt, and the key position on the body is on the notch on the plate.
  4. Install the rod on the feeder’s rod position, the rod should be install on the slider of the punch, then tapping on the side of the slider can be fixed.
  5. It is also need to Install the feeder control and electrical cabinet in the designated location. The electrical cabinet connects to the electrical grounding wire, etc.

It is need to combine the different customer situation to do different adjustable during the installation process of CNC Servo feeder, which can ensure the machine production. Therefore, the above steps all are for the reference. Now is turn to the advertising time again, HENLI NC Servo feeder is using the E-control system to operate accuracy feeding the steel plate by servo motor, which is overcomes the short point like the lower feeding accuracy, higher mistaken and step adjustable etc., warmly welcome to visit our factory, any problem please kindly call me