Pallet Decoiler Machine (Horizontal Decoiler)are used for production on thin sheet precision stamping lines.
Application cases: computer connectors, electronic shrapnel, lead frames, precision terminals, connectors, mobile phone shafts, digital precision electronic products, etc.

Production line composition:
1. Pallet Decoiler Machine: The feeding function is realized through the plane loading tray, which is not limited by the inner diameter of the material roll. At the same time, multiple rolls can be stacked and placed, which greatly saves the feeding time. Its biggest advantage is that the unwinding speed is fast, up to 30m/min, and the design of the frequency converter, pendulum, and potentiometer can automatically realize the function of synchronous operation with the subsequent machine, and there is no need to manually stop the adjustment. It is far unmatched by other uncoilers.
2. Thin plate precision leveling machine
3. High-speed roller feeder machine