How does a multi-station robot work? What are the operation steps of 2D robot?

Let’s study the two-dimensional(2 D)manipulator together this week.

We all know that the press manipulator can complete the workpiece handling, flipping, and shifting operations during stamping production, which can effectively reduce the hidden safety hazards caused by manual operation and more efficient operations.
So how does the two-dimensional (2 D)manipulator work? What are the working steps? Let’s take a look below:

Firstly, when a workpiece appears on the operation place A, the robot starts to fall down. When the robot falling down is finished, means the robot lowers to a fixed height, and the n first step is completed.

Secondly, the two-dimensional robot starts to catch the workpiece at the lowest position, catch the workpiece in 10 seconds. Once catch the target workpiece, meaning step 2 is completed.

Thirdly, the two-dimensional robot arm lifts after catching the target workpiece. When the robot arm continuously rises to a fixed height, it means that the third step is completed.

Fourthly , the two-dimensional robot arm moves to the right after catching the target workpiece. When the right movement of the manipulator is completed, the manipulator continuously moves to the right to a fixed position, and step 4 is done.

Fifthly, the two-dimensional robot arm starts to fall down in the rightmost position. When the manipulator is lowered to the operation place B, the manipulator continuity decreases. And finished the step 5.

Sixthly, the two-dimensional robot begins to release the target workpiece. It will take about 10 seconds to finish this action. After 10 seconds, the workpiece is released.

Seventhly, the two-dimensional robot starts to rise. When the two-dimensional robot is raised for the first time, the continuous rise reaches the set height.

Finally, the two-dimensional manipulator starts to move left at the highest position. When the left movement is completed, the manipulator moves continuously to the left. Step 8 is completed.

Watch the video below, you will understand more clearly how the robot completes the above series of steps:

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