1. Non-operating personnel are not allowed to operate.

2. When operating the decoiler straightener feeder, wear gloves on your hands.
a. Except for operating the operation panel, gloves should be worn on hands.

3. Confirm the safety before starting the decoiler straightener feeder.
a. After confirming that there are no people and obstacles in the safety fence and around the machine, start the machine.

4. Check whether the air pressure of the feeder is normal.
a. If the displayed value is 0.49MPa [5.0kgf/cm²], it is normal.
b. If it does not meet the specified value, please adjust it.
c. The data of the hydraulic station should not exceed 7MPa [70kgf/cm²].

5. To abide by the operating rules.
a. Do not operate with the protective cover removed or opened.
b. Do not climb the safety barrier or lean your body into the safety barrier.
c. If it is caught or involved, it will cause serious personal injury or death.

6. Correct operation can ensure personal safety.
a. During operation, it is best not to touch any moving parts of the machine.
b. During automatic operation, even if the coil shakes, do not approach it.
c. When the decoiler straightener feeder performs stamping operations in the automatic operation mode, it will output materials. At this time, be careful.
d. If caught or drawn in, it will cause personal injury.

7. It is forbidden to apply oil, refuel and clean during the operation of the decoiler straightener feeder.
a. During operation, do not oil, oil or clean the rollers and movable parts.

8. When the abnormal display light of the decoiler straightener feeder is on or stops abnormally, it should be dealt with quickly.
a. When the abnormal display light is on and the reason is unknown, stop the operation immediately.
b. After stopping the operation, report to the superior.
c. Observe for a while after reset to confirm that the abnormality has disappeared.

9. Be careful of electric shock during the use of the decoiler straightener feeder.
a. If you operate or touch other components with wet hands, electric shock accidents may occur.

10. Pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound during the operation of the decoiler straightener feeder. During the operation, if the following abnormal sounds occur, stop the operation immediately and carry out maintenance:
a. Rough sound due to lack of lubricating oil.
b. Abnormal friction sound
c. Irregular sound
d. If the reason cannot be found after overhauling, please contact Henli in time, and we will quickly handle it for you.

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