The failure of Henli’s uncoiler has three major aspects, one is mechanical failure, the other is the electrical failure of the electric control box, and the third is the failure of the motor and reducer in the fuselage. There are different solutions for these three major faults, and I will introduce them one by one next.

1. Reasons and solutions for the mechanical failure of the uncoiler:

1.1. The actual coil material used by the uncoiler is beyond its scope of application.
Uncoilers can be customized, but every uncoiler manufactured has a rated material thickness, width, material weight and outer diameter. If it exceeds the scope of use, the load will be too heavy, which will cause mechanical failure. At this time, it can be solved by replacing the material roll that meets the standard.

1.2. The main shaft bearing of the uncoiler is damaged, causing the equipment to fail to operate.
The uncoiler needs to use the main shaft to drive the supporting tile to rotate to complete the uncoiling action. If the main shaft bearing is damaged, the machine will not be able to move. At this time, replace the main shaft bearing to solve the problem.

1.3. The transmission belt inside the fuselage of the uncoiler is too loose.
This will cause slipping and cannot provide power normally. Open the rear cover of the uncoiler and tighten the drive belt.

2. Reasons and solutions for the failure of the electric control box of the uncoiler:

2.1. The uncoiler fails to be energized due to poor contact of the external power supply.
Poor contact causes the machine to fail to operate, and the indicator light of the electric control box will not light up. Just check the power line and connect it properly.

2.2. The uncoiler cannot work normally due to the damage of time relay, intermediate relay and AC contactor.
Check the time relay, intermediate relay, and AC contactor of the uncoiler in turn. If there is any damage, repair or replace it with a new one.

2.3. The circuit of the induction device of the uncoiler is in poor contact or falls off.
Uncoilers need to be controlled by induction frame or induction rod to realize automatic operation. If there is a problem with the induction circuit, the uncoiler cannot start and stop normally, just check and solve it.

3. Reasons and solutions for the failure of the motor and reducer of the uncoiler:

After checking the above two aspects, if the cause of the failure is still not found, the motor and reducer need to be checked. If the motor makes no sound, the circuit of the motor is in bad contact or the motor has been burnt out. If the motor makes a sound, check whether the shaft card is damaged. If the shaft card is damaged, the reducer is faulty. Generally speaking, the failure rate of the reducer is low, and it is generally necessary to eliminate other causes of failure before inspection.

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