Product features

  1. The coil recoiler is composed of a tensioner and a coil decoiler. The tensioner is located in front of the decoiler and plays a role of tensioning the material,to make the follow-up decoiler always maintain a constant tension when rewinding.
  2. At the same time, the ordinary A-frame is replaced with a large-scale A-frame for receiving materials more stable.
  3. The tensioner exerts a tension effect on the plate through the pressing roller, so that the uncoiler can be more tightened when rewinding, and will not cause scratches on the coil material.
  4. According to the thickness of the processed material, the tensioner adjusts the tension force through the manual pressure regulating device, which is easy to operate.
  5. The supporting tile plate of the decoiler adopts a four-blade design. The arc of the tile plate is consistent with the inner diameter of the material. The surface of the tile plate is smooth and wear-resistant, firm and durable, and will not cause any wear to the material during the winding process.

Operation principle

  1. The uncoiler part of the recoiler rotates, and then the tensioning wheel rotates. Due to the slow speed of the tension motor, the tensioning wheel is retracting the material belt from the tensioning device.
  2. Use slow-speed tensioning of the material belt to make the coil material tension and not loose, so that the decoiler can wind up the coil material
  3. At the same time, it can adjust the tension speed of the tension motor with the control device according to the speed of the tensioning device to transfer the material belt so that the tensioning wheel can tension the coil material one by one;
  4. When the coil material is running out and there is no material conveying, the control device controls the rotation of the active motor, and the transmission shaft drives the tensioning wheel to rotate, and the control device is used to adjust the tensioning speed of the active motor so that the tensioning wheel can roll the tensioning belt one by one. Ensure the quality of the rewinding.
structure of recoiler machine

structure of recoiler machine

Standard Device

  • Tension device
  • Customized A frame
  • L-shaped induction rack

Optional device

  • Inverter (make the winding speed more stable)
  • Hydraulic expansion (winding material weight is more than 2 Tons)
  • Photoelectric sensing device (winding of non-metallic materials or surface coating materials)