A, in and out of the material of CL leveler:

  1. The front two are the feed rods, and the rear one is the discharge rod. When the material is fed in, the front two feeding rods pass through the rollers to the other end of the rod.
  2. used to fix the material before and left and right positioning.
  3. Two material-blocking wheels on the material feed-in and material-out, such as material 100mm, the opening of the material-receiving wheel needs 105mm, the material should not be clamped too tightly, and then be fixed in the locking screw.

B, Feed handle:

When feeding, the front material handle is pressed down, the roller is automatically opened, the material is put into the roller, the handle is pulled up, and the material can be used to clamp.

C, the 2 big steering wheels:

  1. Adjust the tightness of the active wheel and the passive wheel.
  2. If the material can not advance, can compress the steering wheel until the material is sent out.

D, small steering wheels:

Correct the flatness of the material.

  1. If the shape of the material is ◡, it means that the pressure is too tight. The small steering wheel must be relaxed and adjusted.
  2. If the material shape is ◠, it indicates that the material is still uneven, and the small steering wheel must be pressed and adjusted.
  3. Adjust once to no more than 1/8 turn and slowly adjust to the required flatness of the material.

E, electric cabinet:

  1. Control material feeding and speed.
  2. There is time control on the electrical control box. If you switch to 3 seconds, the material will leave the induction bar, and after 3 seconds, the motor will run automatically.
  3. Above (C) After the operation is completed, please manually send the material out to check if the material is sent out correctly,then start using the automatic.

F, Discharge induction control rod:

  1. When the material is sent out, it is placed on the rod.
  2. The material stops when it touches the lever, it can set the time when it is      off the lever, and then starts to move.
  3. Do not contact the machine itself, such as contact with the signal back flow, automatic feeding is out of control, that is, stop running.