I. Introduction

Silicon steel is a commonly used raw material for motor rotors and transformer cores, which are mainly processed by high-speed stamping using high-speed punching presses. Strict requirements are placed on the speed of unrolling and the frequency of changing the coil, which cannot be met by ordinary horizontal uncoilers or hydraulic decoilers. The most suitable option is a twin decoiler, also known as a double-head decoiler. For good stability, a hydraulic twin decoiler specialized for silicon steel must be used.

II. Function and Design

The hydraulic twin decoiler uses hydraulic clamping instead of manual expansion, providing strong and stable clamping force. Two sets of unrolling devices are symmetrically installed on the main frame of the machine, allowing one set to start unrolling a new coil when the other has finished unrolling the previous one, improving the efficiency of unrolling. The structure of the unrolling device is clever, allowing for sufficient clamping force through hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, ensuring stability and ease of control.

III. Structure

The unrolling device consists of a spindle seat, a spindle, and a hydraulic expansion and contraction device. The hydraulic expansion and contraction device includes an unrolling support tile plate and a fixed support and a sliding support mounted on the spindle. The fixed support is fixedly mounted on the spindle, while the sliding support can slide back and forth on the spindle. The fixed and sliding supports are connected to the unrolling support tile plate by connecting rods. The spindle also has a through hole, in which a core shaft is installed. One end of the core shaft is fixedly connected to the sliding support, while the other end is connected to the hydraulic cylinder. The spindle has a large gear that drives its rotation.

IV. Efficiency

The twin uncoiler provides improved efficiency through its symmetrical design and ability to switch between unrolling devices. This ensures a consistent speed of unrolling and frequency of changing the coil. The hydraulic clamping provides strong and stable clamping force, making it suitable for processing high-quality silicon steel.

V. Application

The specialized hydraulic twin uncoiler is widely used in the processing of motor rotors, transformer cores, and other products that require high-quality silicon steel. It is a key component in the production of high-quality electrical equipment.

VI. Conclusion

The specialized hydraulic twin decoiler is an essential piece of equipment in the processing of high-quality silicon steel. Its structure and design provide the necessary stability, control, and efficiency for efficient and precise unrolling, making it an ideal choice for various applications in the electrical industry.

twin decoiler
twin decoiler
twin decoiler