The servo feeder can not only be used with punches of various tonnages, but also with various machines such as shearing machines, hydraulic presses, laser cutting machines, and cold bending forming machines for material feeding. A wide range of applications, high feeding accuracy, and stable performance make the servo feeder the most popular machine in the stamping market.

The wide range of application of the servo feeder also makes it subdivided into many types of models according to different needs, the common ones are: pneumatic servo feeder, mechanical servo feeder, thick plate servo feeder, high-speed servo feeder , Double servo feeder, etc. In the face of so many models, reasonable selection is very important. Henli will introduce the selection guide of servo feeder here.

1. The maximum width of the actual material used.

2. The thickness range of the actual material used.

3. What is the thickness when it is the widest, and what is the width when it is the thickest.

Note: The above data is determined to determine whether the servo motor of the servo feeder needs to be enlarged.

4. The actual material used.

5. What kind of equipment should it be used with, and the size of the model (tonnage).

6. How fast is the feeding speed required, and how many meters should be fed in one minute.

7. Requirements for feeding accuracy.

The above content is the selection process of the servo feeder.
According to these steps, you can choose a suitable servo feeder for you.
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