Our factory made full automatic flat mask and N95 production lines all the time, few customers will ask for semi-automatic production lines. We have much experience in designing and making different kinds of full automatic production lines no matter flat mask or N95. But the price of full automatic production lines are surely much more expensive than semi-automatic ones, some customers from not that rich countries may be not able to offord that. So we also can offer cheaper semi-automatic solution. Its combination is separate mask body machine+double dot earloop welding machine. Let me show you the working video of double dot earloop welding machine:

This kind of double dot earloop welding machine can make 20pcs/min, while single head is only 6pcs/min. It can save two more people labor force. If use single head earloop welding machine you also need to cut up earloop by scissor one by one by manual, losing much time. You can see the below photos:

Our mask body printing machine can reach 200pcs/min stably, you can produce 3py or 4py. It has below characteristics:

  1. Automatic calculation can effectively control production efficiency and production schedule.
  2. Frequency conversion control, can adjust the equipment operating speed according to actual needs.
  3. The equipment has a high degree of automation and low requirements for operators.
  4. Modular, user-friendly design, convenient maintenance.
  5. Film output speed 80~200 pcs/min

This whole set of separate mask body machine+double dot earloop welding machine can help those who want to produce flat masks but without much budget. Our selling price of this set is quite economic. Welcome to ask me for inquiries.

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