The thick plate 3 in 1 press feeeding line is a model specially developed by Henli for the stamping production of thick plate scaffolding. It integrates the three functions of uncoiling, leveling and feeding into one machine, which greatly reduces the floor space. At the same time, the entire production process is controlled by a centralized electronic control system, which automatically completes the transportation of coil materials, uncoiling, leveling,feeding.

Device application:Stamping production when the raw materials for stamping such as scaffolding are thick.

Use process: The coil material is accurately fed from the coil car to the material support plate of the 3 in 1 press feeding line, and the coil material is tensioned by hydraulic expansion, and then the control panel is operated to make the pneumatic pressing arm down to press the material roll.Adjust the position of the stopper arm according to the width of the material.,the material support arm, pressing arm, and photoelectric induction control system are combined with the hydraulic material head pressing device to automatically complete the uncoiling and feeding of the material, so that the material head can enter leveling the head part accurately. The whole process does not require manual operation at all. Finally, after adjusting the leveling of the 3 in 1 press feeding line and the pressing range of the feeding roller, start the mold test, and then the fully automated stamping production can be carried out.