When it comes to operating a 3-in-1 coil feed line, safety should always be the top priority. Here are some crucial safety measures to keep in mind:

Authorized Personnel Only

Only trained and authorized personnel should operate the equipment. This ensures that individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge handle the machinery, reducing the risk of accidents or mishaps.

Protective Gear Requirement

Gloves are a mandatory requirement when operating the 3-in-1 coil feed line. Ensure that gloves are worn at all times, except when operating the control panel. This protects the hands from potential hazards and ensures a secure grip when handling materials.

Safety Confirmation

Before starting the 3-in-1 coil feed line, always confirm safety measures. Operations should not commence if the control panel displays a “Do Not Operate” sign. Additionally, ensure that there are no individuals or obstacles near the safety guard or moving parts of the machinery.

Understanding the Equipment Structure

Familiarize yourself with the structure of the 3-in-1 coil feed line. Components include the support base, material pressure arm, material rack, material stopper arm, leveling machine, feeder, and optional equipment such as the material loading trolley.

Air Pressure Check

Regularly check the air pressure of the feeder to ensure it meets the standard requirements. The normal value should be 0.49MPa [5.0kgf/cm²]. Adjustments may be necessary if the displayed value deviates from the specified range. However, ensure that the hydraulic station data does not exceed 7MPa [70kgf/cm²].

Adhering to Operating Rules

Strictly adhere to operating rules to prevent accidents and ensure smooth operations. Never operate the machinery without removing or opening the protective cover. Avoid climbing on or reaching into the safety guard, as serious injuries or fatalities may occur if caught or entangled.

Ensuring Personal Safety

Personal safety should be prioritized during operation. Refrain from touching the material rack, leveling feeder, or any moving parts while the equipment is in use. Exercise caution, even during automatic operation, and maintain a safe distance from the machine to avoid injury.

Maintenance Guidelines

Avoid oiling, lubricating, or cleaning the rollers and moving parts while the feeder is in operation. Promptly address any abnormal indications or stops of the feeder by stopping operation immediately, reporting to superiors, and observing for the disappearance of abnormalities after resetting.

Electric Shock Risk

Be cautious of the risk of electric shock, especially when operating the equipment with wet hands or touching other components. Pay close attention to abnormal sounds during operation, such as harsh, friction, or irregular sounds from the material rack and leveling feeder. If such sounds occur, stop operation immediately and perform maintenance. If the cause cannot be identified, seek assistance from service personnel promptly.

By following these safety precautions and guidelines, operators can ensure a safe and efficient operation of the 3-in-1 coil feed line, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting workplace safety.

3-in-1 Coil Feed Line
3-in-1 Coil Feed Line