When choosing punch feeder, stamping owners often hesitate to choose roller feeder and NC feeder. As far as purchase price is concerned, the price of roller feeder is much lower than NC feeder, with less one-time investment. Therefore, many customers choose roller feeder instead of NC in final selection. Although the price of the wheel feeder is economical, it is far inferior to NC feeder in performance and use.

Roller feeder itself has no power drive device, relying on eccentric disc, cross joint, connecting rod, delivery shaft to complete power delivery, which leads to its three major shortcomings:

high speed roller feeder

  1. Installation is limited, the punch must have an output shaft, and the slider is suitable for installing a relaxing rod hitting device;
  2. There are strict restrictions on the feeding step. Once the type of machine is determined, the feeding step has strict restrictions.
  3. The debugging is tedious. After the change of step distance, the position of eccentric disc must be readjusted, the step distance must be changed, and the step can be adjusted accurately only after several single tests.
  4. The feeding accuracy is limited, usually around (+0.05 mm), which cannot be well satisfied in many precision processing occasions.

Compared with roller feeder, NC feeder has four distinct performance advantages because it drives feeding roller directly by servo motor, while servo motor drives by PLC receiving punch cam signal and input signal from human-machine interface.

NC feeder equipped with Yaskawa servo motor and Mitsubishi PLC

  1. The step distance can be set at random from 0 to 10m, and the installation is not limited. It can be used with various punches.
  2. It is easy to operate, debug and use. The settings of NC feeder’s step, frequency and speed can be set simply on the touch screen, without repeated debugging settings, which is simple and convenient.
  3. The feeding accuracy is high and stable, usually less than (+0.02mm). The servo motor has high precision of direct drive and self-locking function, which ensures that the NC feeder does not move forward or backward by mistake in other actions.
  4. High degree of customization. There are various models of heavy plate, strong and swing. At the same time, they can be customized according to customer’s needs.