The 3-in-1 press feed line stands as a groundbreaking device in the punch press industry, produced from a meticulous examination of previous automation applications. It is innovatively designed to meet market demands, skillfully blending durable numerical control technology for unparalleled equipment stability and quality. As a fresh addition to domestic stamping automation equipment, the NCHL series 3-in-1 press feed line undeniably embodies the peak of modern automation feeding technology.

Transforming Automation: Simplicity and Precision in Sheet Feeding

The 3-in-1 press feed line from the NCHL series transcends the simple accomplishment of automated sheet feeding. It elevates operational simplicity, broad functionality, energy conservation, aesthetic design, and device integrity. Simultaneously, it fulfills the high-precision transmission requirements for various thick and high-tension plates.

Integrated Control Operations: Taking Automation to the Next Level

The NCHL series 3-in-1 press feed line accentuates deeply integrated control operations. It seamlessly connects the material rack hydraulic station, hydraulic table, rack motor, rack spindle, rack inverter, leveling device, and feed servo motor control to the main PLC control module system. With a 7-inch high-precision touchscreen at its heart, it offers user-friendly digital control, making the 3-in-1 press feed line’s usage effortless, convenient, and incredibly intelligent. Even without specialized training, operators and maintenance personnel can utilize it efficiently.

Key Features: Upgrading Equipment Configurations

This advanced device is packed with superior features and improved equipment configurations:

  1. Feeding Platform Device: It facilitates automated feeding of the material roll to the rack spindle, gently and precisely.
  2. Pressing Device: This pneumatic pressing device, complemented by a Taiwanese gear reducer motor, provides stable unwinding for various material roll thicknesses.
  3. Material Support Arm: The hydraulic material support arm facilitates loading, feeding, and material introduction.
  4. Material Arc Control Photoelectric: It features two sets of photoelectric devices to control the material arc, enabling fully automated frequency control unwinding.
  5. Brake Mode: The pneumatic disc brake device ensures effective braking and prevents coil unwinding due to rotational inertia.
  6. Innovative Hydraulic Feeding Device: Utilizing a two-stick clamping hydraulic pressure structure, it clamps the material head into the main leveling feeder machine.
  7. Leveling Adjustment Mode: The four worm gears, driven by handwheel rotation, allow precise adjustment of the feed.
  8. Feeding Height: Electrically adjusted, this machine accommodates the stamping process requirements.

As a renowned enterprise specializing in feeding machine equipment manufacturing, the NCHL series 3-in-1 press feed line outshines traditional separate punch press automation equipment. By concentrating on customer needs for automation, straightforward operation, and superior precision, it guarantees optimal productivity, efficiency, and low cost during the entire stamping production line operation. This makes it an ideal substitute for separate punch press automated production lines, offering an impressive upgrade alternative for the industry.

press feed line
press feed line